• Redefining Privileged Access

    Zero-Trust Precision Privileged Access

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    "The existence of privileged access carries significant risk,
    and even with PAM tools in place,
    the residual risk of users with standing privileges remains high."

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Next-Gen PAM

Midoor is a vault-less agent-less PAM with a key advantage over existing solutions: Providing just-in-time privileged sessions while denying them access to data. All with zero overhead, no configurations required.

While current PAM solutions take an all-or-nothing approach with users either getting full admin privileges or having none, Midoor allows for high-granularity file and network isolation for admin sessions, ensuring seamless privileged access to the needed resources, and nothing more.

Precision Privileged Access

Allow privileged access precisely to relevant files and network, and nothing more

Agentless PAM

Lean, agentless, scalable and quick-to-implement PAM solution

High-Resolution Auditing

High granularity auditing capabilities as you have never seen before

According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2019

16% of the data-breaches during 2018 were caused by sysadmins

Midoor stands apart from traditional PAM solutions

Separating Data and Operations

GDPR requires segregation of duties which is mostly unachievable using current solutions when it comes to system administration.

Midoor's unique capabilities allow for meeting regulation requirements and mitigating the notorious exposure of systems and data to third-party vendors, IT administrators, and DevOps.

Midoor provides a one-click method for granting just-in-time privileged access that cannot access data.
Midoor's control panel allows for customizing resource sets, allowing for seamless privileged access precisely to the needed files and network locations.

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Midoor is proud to be a Runway company in the Jacobs-Technion Cornell institute at Cornell Tech